About The Contest

Everyone working in Neuroscience knows that there is a significant aesthetic aspect to our field. For example, while Cajal’s drawings were groundbreaking in his time, one reason we still celebrate them are their enduring aesthetic value. Likewise, many of us in day-to-day work have moments of joy merely by the beauty of what we see when we look under the microscope or plot the results of a model. We want to celebrate that aspect of our field with this contest.
We invite submissions of visuals that are the by-products of research in Neuroscience. These could be, for example microscopy images, plots of models or anything in between. See e.g. Interstellate which is a nice exemplar of this genre. The images should be from research carried out prior to June 1, 2020. Any post processing done on the images is admissible. Please upload an image with a short caption describing the image (280 characters).
Please email submissions to monsoonbrain@gmail.com with the subject line "NeuroArt submission” and the caption in the body of the email. You may send high resolution images, e.g. by sending a Google Drive link. One submission per individual.
Extended Deadline: June 15

Submissions are now closed. We are reviewing the submissions and we expect to announce the results during the meeting.