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We might use this information in connection with the planned Women in Neuroscience event.





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As an experimental feature, we are building an algorithmic matching of attendees based primarily on their abstract. This mimics such serendipitous encounters in conferences. We will send you an email with your algorithmic matches and encourage you to set up Zoom meetings to chat. You could potentially meet interesting colleagues, future collaborators or potential mentors or mentees. This has worked well in a previous conference (Neuromatch) and we are using similar algorithms. In short, there's little downside to trying it. If you still want to opt out please use the option below..

NOTE- You can update your abstract & other information multiple times until the deadline.



  1. Can I attend the talks without registering?
    No. You will have to register. Please go to the login page and register as a new user.

  2. Can I register and attend talks without submitting an abstract?
    Yes, of course you can! While registering:
    Don't check the box that says "I'd like to submit an abstract".
    And check the box that says "I don't wish to be matched" at the every end.
    You should then be able to register and attend the meeting without submitting an abstract.

  3. I don’t have an abstract based on my research work, but can I write one or use one from a scientific paper just for the algorithmic matching?
    Yes, if it is not a original scientific abstract we may not be able to consider you for a talk or poster session. But we can consider your abstract for matching!
    In fact, we encourage you to do this! This will allow us to match you with like-minded attendees with whom you can interact and discuss your topics of interest.

  4. I made a mistake while filling the registration form! How can I correct it?
    You can login again and resubmit the correct information. You can do this any number of times until the 13th of June.

  5. I did not receive an email and therefore could not register.
    Unfortunately few others have faced this problem too. We would suggest using a different mail ID – a non-institutional email ID, if possible. Eg: Gmail, Yahoo!, etc